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16 grudnia 2018


Zapraszamy uczniów do współpracy w ramach projektów Erasmus +:

1) „Aktualny stan i perspektywy energii odnawialnej w Europie”, koordynator Liliana Chwistek
2) „Sztuka odkrywania świata natury”, koordynator Monika Wielgosz
3) „Świat jest większy niż widać na ekranie”, koordynator Agnieszka Kanabus

Zachęcamy również do przeczytania sprawozdania Oli i Poli, uczennic klasy 3B, z wymiany młodzieżowej w Amberg
„Why is Erasmus+ cool?”

nauczyciele przedmiotów ścisłych i języka angielskiego

That’s very easy question! I like Erasmus+, because it’s an amazing opportunity to make new friends and train your language skills. In June me and my friends went to Germany for exchange. There I met a lot of cool people ( students and teachers). I spent there an amazing time and I’ll never forget it. My host- Johanna- was so nice and we still have a contact. She will come to Poland in May and I’ll be her host. She’s so inteligent and funny. Everybody there was very nice to me. We visited Norymberg, Regensburg, Hirshau and we learned many interesting things about Germany. Other students told us about theirs countries ( for example: Turkey, Greece, Spain) it was so helpful. I spent there super time, and also I’ve learned so many things. Of, course I was scared, but I don’t regret it. Now, I know much more about other countries, tradicions and cultures. I know that bounderies don’t exist. Erasmus+ learned me to see.


In June, this year, I was in Germany in Amberg on exchange with ERASMUS +. Unfortunetly my host, Amelie, couldn’t guest me in her house, because her parents left, so I had to live in the hotel with Mrs. Kanabus and Mrs. Martyniuk. Anyway, I met a lot of people, for example Annelie and Johanna, who made this time unforgettable and amazing. Every day of this exchange was very exciting and every day I learned something new. We also had time for relax and for doing things, for example shopping or coffee. One day we went with our hosts to Norymberga for very big shopping and we also visited some beautiful places in this city. Another day me and Pola went for traditional Germany festival with live music and beautiful costumes. But what I liked the most from my time in Amberg is that I met people from different countries and I practiced my English. The truth is that I didn’t live with my host and her family but although this the exchange was wonderful and I will never forget it.


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